Upcoming Projects

Here are some old critters I made a few years ago.  Over the next couple of weeks I’m hoping to brush them off, dress them up, and offer them for free download.  These aren’t my most realistic patterns, but they are fun.



Tiny Turtles

A very easy octopus


I might even get to my dinosaurs.  These were all the ones I could find for a photo this evening.  They have been a favorite toy of my two-year-old for over a year.  I have patterns for ten different species: apatosaurus, brachiosaurus, plesiosaurus, pteranodon, dimetrodon, anylosaurus, parasaurolophus, stegosaurus, triceratops, and, of course, t-rex.



And yes, the lobster is an original pattern of mine.  It will be available someday, but probably not for free.

lobster (5) small


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