Beyond This There Be Dragons

I put the crown hat on Baby C the last few days while running errands.  I can’t believe how many people stopped me to tell me how much they liked it.  I have to say, I’m warming up to it.  She wears it well.

IMG_6918 small

Now the dragons.  Or, rather, dragon.  Singular for now.

In the car on the way to preschool this morning I asked O (my #3) what he wanted for his birthday.  “Train tracks and trains.  And a dragon!”  I asked whether he wanted a hard dragon (plastic) or a soft dragon.  “Soft.”  Did he want me to make it?  “Yes!  And I want it to be red.”  With wings?  “Purple wings.  And green and yellow and blue.”

You get the idea.  We settled on a red dragon with purple wings, a yellow belly, green spikes down the back, and blue horn on its head.  Oh my.  Fortunately, in my ridiculously huge yarn stash I have all those colors.  And many more.


I’m going to work with my favorite yarn for animals: Bernat Softee Chunky.  Did I mention I like bulky yarns?  For some reason I don’t have any of their “Dark Mauve” so I grabbed a dark purple of Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky (far left).  It’s a very similar gauge yarn, but has a softer drape.  that means it doesn’t hold its shape as well.  I prefer it for things like baby blankets.  It should work for the wings, but I think I’ll do the rest of the dragon first and see if I can find the “Dark Mauve” Softee Chunky in the meantime.

This could be interesting.  It’s definitely going to be one of my more complex patterns.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


2 thoughts on “Beyond This There Be Dragons

  1. She definitely wears it well. It suits her so much! Since I read your post last week I’ve been thinking about making one, but I’m wondering if the colour you chose just looks great on your babe.


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