Little Kids’ Wind Chimes

I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth.  Instead, my kids caught the crafting bug.  It happens sometimes.  We have been working on a few projects, but I wanted to start with something even Little A, 2-years-old, was able to do.

Here are some of the finished “wind chimes” (indoor only, sadly)


and here are the materials

IMG_6930 (2) small

  1. a wooden shape
  2. acrylic paint (we practiced mixing colors)
  3. cheap yarn
  4. clear pony beads
  5. some animal beads I found which make a nice jingly sound.  I’m sure I didn’t look at all strange walking down the bead aisle shaking bags of beads and listening to them.
  6. a hot glue gun (not pictured)

First the kids painted the shapes: stars, lady bugs, sail boats, and cats.  While they dried the kids got to work on fine motor skills with the beading.  Little A loved it.  Then I worked the hot glue gun and glued the strings of beads, and some yarn for hanging, to the back of the shapes.   They’re cute, and the kids had fun.

No, I don’t homeschool, by the way.  I enjoy the time when they are out of the house.  And I enjoy when they come back home again.



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