I Love Lobsters

I have a short attention span for patterns.  Usually I can make something once, twice, maybe three times before getting really tired of it.  There are a few exceptions.  I’ve made dozens of turtles and ponies, partially because there are so many fun color combinations to try.  And they’re fast to make.

My lobster is definitely going to be another favorite.  I made these three over the past few days.  They’re spending a little time together before two of them get put in the mail as surprises for a couple friends of mine.  In other words, I’m still deciding which one to keep.  The red one I made first, in my profile picture, is now residing at my husband’s office.  I need one for me, too.

Who knew crustaceans could be so cute and cuddly?

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I think I might keep the blue one.  I think she’s the most photogenic (she because her claws are the same size… males have different size claws, like the pink and purple ones do.)

I’m hoping that soon I’ll get a chance to figure out how to set up as a business so I can start selling some of my patterns (with the goal of covering the cost of my craft habit).  If that ever happens, I’ll be looking for a few crocheters to help test patterns for me (you get free patterns, I get feedback).  Including the lobster.


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