Thoughts on Socks

One of the most useful, time-saving, parenting things I have ever done was getting rid of all of my kids’ socks.  They had white socks, colorful socks, socks in all different styles.  I replaced them with all the same brand of socks (Hanes, because they brilliantly put the word “Hanes” in a different color on each size of sock).  And I got them black socks.  Now their socks don’t get that terrible dirty “when did you walk in mud with just socks on?!” look.  (Black socks, they never get dirty…)  And it’s super easy to sort them.  #1 gets socks with blue letters on the toe.  #2 and #3 split the socks with green letters on the toe.  #4 gets socks with red letters on the toe.  And #5 has white socks because she’s a baby and doesn’t get them dirty.  And after doing all the laundry, at most I have four socks leftover.  I just shove those in the owner’s drawer and go on with my life.  No more laundry baskets full of socks waiting to be matched.

That’s my thought for today as I embark on tackling the mountain of laundry baskets which has piled up.


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