Bitten by the Blankie Bug

I did a bad, bad thing.  I had some free time, so I went to the library by myself!  I got to go into the adult part of the library (not the kids’ section) for the first time ever.  I was just going to look around a little.  Somehow, totally by accident, I found myself face-to-face with the crochet section.  And a book jumped out at me (figuratively, thankfully.)  I borrowed it, and when I got home I flipped through it.  Then I immediately ordered the book and two others by the same author.  I felt like a kid at Christmas waiting for the package to arrive.

IMG_7460 small

My immediate reaction was “Now I desperately want to make some baby blankets.  But I don’t have any friends expecting babies right now.  And little Miss C. already has 8 or 9 blankets I made for her!”

Less than a day later I found out a longtime family friend is expecting a baby boy!  This is awesome because:

  1. She’s having a baby! (her first)
  2. I get to play with my new books
  3. I had an excuse to go buy more yarn (which I did not need)
  4. I have not been getting much sleep lately (Miss C. has her first cold and woke me up seven times last night.)  It’s also school vacation and all the kids are home.  I need something relatively mindless to crochet.  I can’t design a pattern right now.  I would totally screw it up.  Sorry, dragon.

Here’s my yarn: Red Heart Soft in “Light Grey Heather,” “Sea Foam,” “White,” “Mid Blue,” and “Navy.”  The octagon is motif #70 from “Connect the Shapes.” by Edie Eckman (pictured above.)

IMG_7461 small

I’m going to do a grid of 9 octagons with squares between them and triangles on the corners and filling in on the edges.  The design colors will vary, but they will all be bordered with navy blue.  The triangles and squares will all be navy, too.  I think.  I might do the squares in a different color.  The edging around the whole blanket will be grey.  The octagon is 8″ across.  I might end up doing one more round of navy dc to make it closer to 10″.



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