Summer is for Blankets

I forgot how difficult it is to work on critters during the summer.  I’m outside with the kids all the time and I can’t juggle yarn, hook, scissors, stuffing fluff, eyes, paper, and pencil (to record the pattern,) not to mention the baby.  Inside I spread out all over a table.  I can’t do that outside in the breeze.  It’s hard to get any crocheting done, but I manage to occasionally make progress on simple projects, like blankets.

Thankfully, I have a blanket to work on.  I have the octagon pattern memorized now and just have to finish edging the last octagon and make the triangles for the sides and sew it together.  Not bad.

And I totally, desperately, want to make this for Miss C’s room.

The square is a free pattern on Ravelry

I just love how when the squares are sewn together they make diamond pattern.  Here’s a large version of the picture.  So pretty.

I’ll have to try to clear my project backlog first.  I really need to get the baby blankie and dragon done, at the very least.


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