Straw Bale Garden Part 1.5: Waiting

I need to do a garden update.  I should have done a post about planting by now.  I should have planted by now.  The bales are ready.  The plants are ready.  But, we are having some work done on the house.

5-16-16 (1)

As much as I want to plant, I’m hesitant to put my plants right under where contractors are working.  Unfortunately, I’ll have to risk it soon because the work, which was supposed to be done this week, is running about a month behind.  They haven’t even started on the roof yet.

The “grass” on the bales is wheat.  Even straw has seeds in it, and they sprout.  It’s a good sign that the bales are ready.  I usually pull it out by the handful and lay it down on top of the bale.  It can compost over the summer.

Here are the plants.  The peppers are doing really well.  I lost a couple tomato seedlings to surprise weather while I was hardening them off.

5-16-16 (2)

At least our berries are doing well.  Over the past 2 years we have planted 18 highbush blueberries, 15 blackberries, 12 black raspberries, 9 red raspberries, and 1 yellow raspberry.  I think.  I might have miscounted.  And, of course, our strawberries (some shown below.)  I like berries.  A lot.  We’re also using the thorny ones as a hedge along the woods to hopefully eventually discourage the local deer from walking through our property.  Even if that doesn’t work, we’ll enjoy eating them.  Little A (2) keeps checking all the raspberry canes.  He’s can’t wait for them to fruit.

5-16-16 (4)


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