Straw Bale Garden Part 2: Planting

Last night I was up for a while with the baby and I had a brilliant (note sarcasm) idea.  Why don’t I plant the tomatoes and protect the ones closest to the house with tomato cages?  I have no idea when the work on the house will be finished, and I needed to get the plants in, so I went for it.


I like to plant a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.  It’s fun and the kids love it.

The row on the left has four bales each with a different variety of cucumber: Miniature White (miniature and white), Lemon (round and yellow), Muncher (green slicing), and Early Fortune (green slicing).  The Lemon cucumbers are a repeat from last year when they kind of took over the garden and produced like crazy.

The center row has eight pepper plants, two per bale.  Six are assorted bell peppers from a seed mix.  Two are cubanelle (aka banana) peppers.  I also have three mini/small pepper varieties (Tangerine, Savour, and Jimmy Nardello) which I will plant in pots on the deck as soon as I get some potting soil.  We have grown the rainbow bells and the cubanelles in the past and had luck with both.

The row closest to the deck has the tomatoes.  I planted ten plants in seven cherryish varieties: one super sweet 100 (red), two sungold (orange), one gold rush currant (tiny and orange), two sunrise bumblebee (yellow with red stripes), two black cherry (brownish greenish reddish), one indigo blueberry (black/rose), and one white cherry (pale yellow).  Sadly, our green envy seedlings didn’t do well.  One of the black cherries I planted is pretty small.  If it doesn’t so well I’ll replace it with a currant or white cherry or something.  I have a few extras.  The super sweet 100, sungold, and black cherry are repeats.  The green envy would have been if they had survived.  The others are new ones to try this year.  Last year we also grew yellow pear and indigo rose, but neither had great flavor.

Now I just need to water, fertilize, watch them grow, and wish I liked tomatoes.

Here’s some of our harvest from last year, which my sister got to take home with her.  At peak we were picking almost twice that many tomatoes every day.


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