Hello, Summer.

My husband has been away for the past week and a half on a last minute business trip.  It has been tough, especially because it coincided with the end of school (all five kids are home,) the baby getting her first cold, and the toddler and 5-year-old going on a bedtime strike.  I have sleeping very little and have been crafting a bit desperately.

One of the first things I did was make a little bear (7-8″ tall.)  She’s cute.  And very valentiney for June.  I didn’t pin the heart before sewing, so it’s a little off-kilter.  Oops.  I’ll write up the pattern someday.


and a little bunny lovey (knit blanket is approx. 12×12)


I made a little corner-to-corner baby blanket just because (approx. 20×20)


I also made progress on the afghan and another self-striping baby blanket.  And started way too many other little projects.  I think I will gather all my little baby/kids projects and find somewhere, like a children’s hospital or women’s shelter, to donate them.  Hopefully it will help make a dent in my ridiculously huge yarn stash.

I have a couple simple patterns in the works.  Hopefully I’ll have them ready to share soon.  🙂


Father’s Day

I almost dropped the ball this year and had to throw together a last minute Father’s Day gift.  We never do a lot of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, but the kids wanted to make something for Daddy.  Thankfully, we have paint and markers and even had a canvas on hand.  Before giving it to Daddy I put the kids’ names next to each hand print with a very fine tip permanent marker.  IMG_9024 edit

(oldest to youngest is pink, blue, orange, red, purple)

Beavertail Afghan Progress

I’ve upgraded it to an afghan.  I’m about 1/3 done with the hexagons already (in three or four days!)  Each one is about 6 inches across, so it’s a decent size already.   I have yet to figure out where my kids hid my ruler, or my tape measure, or the other tape measure, or the several rulers I had before that, or all my measuring tapes, or my pens and pencils.  Someday I’ll find a huge stash of office supplies.  For now I’ll have to estimate sizes.


I decided to do twice as many blue-toned hexagons as neutral ones.  I will use 2 skeins each of Sapphire, Morning Sky, Ocean Breeze, and River Rock (blue/tan/brown) and 1 skein each of Mocha, Rocks, Seashell, and Glacier (cream/grey/purple.)  Otherwise there would have been too much brown and grey.


Too cool not to share.  We have an 18″ snapping turtle laying eggs in our backyard right now!  Don’t worry, the photos were taken from a respectful distance while she was looking for a spot.  We’re leaving her alone now.   IMG_8976 (3)IMG_8989 (3)IMG_8991 (3)

I would love to crochet one of these someday!

A Head Start on Christmas

FullSizeRender (2) small.jpg

When possible, I like to give handmade gifts to all my loved ones.  Christmas is more than six months away, but I’m starting on a very special gift for a very special someone.

The yarn I am using is called Kaleidoscope and is by Elegant Yarns.  I love this yarn.  It’s 100% wool, bulky weight, and the colors are spectacular.  It’s a roving yarn and the texture is more rustic than refined.  You can tell it came from a sheep.  It makes me think of a cozy chair, hot chocolate, a good book, and a cheerful fire in the fireplace.

I’ve always wanted an excuse to get a bunch of colors to play with and I finally found one.  I’m going to make a lapghan in the same style as the baby blankets I have been making.

The photo at top was taken, by my mother, at Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown, RI (USA.)  I have fond childhood memories of climbing on the rocks and watching the waves crash and splash.  It decided to use it as inspiration for my colors.  I’m going to call this my Beavertail Lapghan (or afghan if I get carried away.)

Here are my eight colorways: (top) Sapphire, Morning Sky, Ocean Breeze, River Rock, (bottom) Glacier, Rocks, Mocha, and Seashell.  They are all shades of blue, aqua, cream, tan, brown, and grey.  I have no real design plans beyond making hexagons, and half hexagons, and joining them as I go.  All the colorways are self striping, so each hexagon will be a surprise and the final blanket will be a surprise, too.

I love the juxtaposition of the summer ocean colors with the snowy day texture.  Hopefully the blanket will help bring some cheer to the gloomy days this winter. IMG_8942 small

Two of the colorways had little surprises.  I ordered the yarn online and didn’t realize “Sapphire” would contain a section of olive green, or “Glacier” a section of light purple.  Thankfully, both should be fine for this project.  If the green looks weird, I’ll just trim it out.

IMG_8954 small

I was so impatient to get started.  I sat down last night and made a hexagon of each color.  I love how they look together.  I might double up a few colors so I can make the blanket bigger.  I expect to get 5 or 6 hexagons from each skein.

IMG_8961 small labels

Crochet Baby Sleeping Bag

IMG_8437 (2)

Just like several of her older brothers, Miss C. needs to be able to hold a blanket to fall asleep.  Of course, around here, giving sleeping babies loose blankets is strongly discouraged (for safety.)  Trying to balancing sleep and safety is no fun, so I made my 4th son a couple crochet baby sleeping bags or wearable blankets.  Miss C loves them, too.

I used Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick (shown in “Waterfall”).  It’s a super bulky boucle yarn.  My kids all have blankets knit from regular weight (bulky) Homespun, so it was an obvious choice.  However, it tends to lose little threads, which my kids have always gotten on their hands and in their mouths.  If I were making another I would try something like Bernat Baby Blanket instead.  I used an N hook.

This is complicated, so read carefully.

  1. in a magic circle dc 12
  2. 2dc in each dc (24 dc)
  3. [dc, 2dc) around (36 dc)
  4. dc in each st around until you run out of yarn.  Sew in ends.
  5. Whew.  Tough project, huh?

After numerous washings (machine wash and dry) it is still soft and no longer loses many threads.  And it helps us both get some sleep.

IMG_8454 (2)

Note: for scale, Miss C. is right around a 6 month size right now.