Crochet Baby Sleeping Bag

IMG_8437 (2)

Just like several of her older brothers, Miss C. needs to be able to hold a blanket to fall asleep.  Of course, around here, giving sleeping babies loose blankets is strongly discouraged (for safety.)  Trying to balancing sleep and safety is no fun, so I made my 4th son a couple crochet baby sleeping bags or wearable blankets.  Miss C loves them, too.

I used Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick (shown in “Waterfall”).  It’s a super bulky boucle yarn.  My kids all have blankets knit from regular weight (bulky) Homespun, so it was an obvious choice.  However, it tends to lose little threads, which my kids have always gotten on their hands and in their mouths.  If I were making another I would try something like Bernat Baby Blanket instead.  I used an N hook.

This is complicated, so read carefully.

  1. in a magic circle dc 12
  2. 2dc in each dc (24 dc)
  3. [dc, 2dc) around (36 dc)
  4. dc in each st around until you run out of yarn.  Sew in ends.
  5. Whew.  Tough project, huh?

After numerous washings (machine wash and dry) it is still soft and no longer loses many threads.  And it helps us both get some sleep.

IMG_8454 (2)

Note: for scale, Miss C. is right around a 6 month size right now.


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