Beavertail Afghan Progress

I’ve upgraded it to an afghan.  I’m about 1/3 done with the hexagons already (in three or four days!)  Each one is about 6 inches across, so it’s a decent size already.   I have yet to figure out where my kids hid my ruler, or my tape measure, or the other tape measure, or the several rulers I had before that, or all my measuring tapes, or my pens and pencils.  Someday I’ll find a huge stash of office supplies.  For now I’ll have to estimate sizes.


I decided to do twice as many blue-toned hexagons as neutral ones.  I will use 2 skeins each of Sapphire, Morning Sky, Ocean Breeze, and River Rock (blue/tan/brown) and 1 skein each of Mocha, Rocks, Seashell, and Glacier (cream/grey/purple.)  Otherwise there would have been too much brown and grey.


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