Hello, Summer.

My husband has been away for the past week and a half on a last minute business trip.  It has been tough, especially because it coincided with the end of school (all five kids are home,) the baby getting her first cold, and the toddler and 5-year-old going on a bedtime strike.  I have sleeping very little and have been crafting a bit desperately.

One of the first things I did was make a little bear (7-8″ tall.)  She’s cute.  And very valentiney for June.  I didn’t pin the heart before sewing, so it’s a little off-kilter.  Oops.  I’ll write up the pattern someday.


and a little bunny lovey (knit blanket is approx. 12×12)


I made a little corner-to-corner baby blanket just because (approx. 20×20)


I also made progress on the afghan and another self-striping baby blanket.  And started way too many other little projects.  I think I will gather all my little baby/kids projects and find somewhere, like a children’s hospital or women’s shelter, to donate them.  Hopefully it will help make a dent in my ridiculously huge yarn stash.

I have a couple simple patterns in the works.  Hopefully I’ll have them ready to share soon.  🙂


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