Blue and Gold

I just got back from 9 days visiting with my parents.  It was so nice to have some extra help with the kids.  There is another vacation coming up later this summer.  Yay!

While visiting, I finished a neutral blanket.  The yarn is Red Heart Boutique Treasure in “Horizon” with the edge in Lion Brand Landscapes in “Ochre.”  While working on the blanket I wasn’t sure whether I liked the color.  Now that it’s edged I really like the patchwork appearance.


I also finally got my sewing machine out.  Seven months ago I moved it out of what was going to be Miss C’s room, and I hadn’t used it since.  I made a few tagosauruses with rattles inside (the one consistently nice sewing pattern I have designed) and put together a couple of baby gifts.

We lost touch with a lot of friends when we married young and started our family almost right away.  We’re coming up on 10 years married and a lot of our friends have only recently started their families or only recently gotten married.  I really enjoy putting together gifts as a way to get back in touch.

I like to include a treat for Mom and Dad (usually chocolate, but can’t do that in this weather!) and some grow-with-me treats for baby: a blanket, a tagosaurus (embroidered if I know baby’s name,) and a book.  And, of course, a little something for any older siblings!

Here is blue, with the “Tidal” blanket, for a brand new baby boy.

IMG_9902 (2) crop small

And here is gold, with the “Horizon” blanket for a soon-to-be-born surprise baby.  The little doggie is for the big sister-to-be.  I think this yellow dino turned out super cute!

IMG_9900 (2) crop small

Now I just have to get to the post office with all 5 kids in tow.  In really unpleasant heat.  Summer.


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