Garden Problems

This is not my year.  Last year’s garden was so much better.

After 2 weeks of vacation the first thing I did upon arriving home, before even going inside, was check the garden.  My in-laws watered it for us, and harvested while we were away.  Unfortunately, we also had a crew of chipmunks harvesting.  And a groundhog.  The groundhog harvested all the leaves off the cucumber plants.  The chipmunk crew harvested all the tomatoes, often before they had any color.

In the few days since we have been back the cucumbers seem to be recovering, but all they are producing are little golf-ball-sized pickling cukes.  They are delicious, but not very satisfying.  Last year at this time we almost had more cucumbers than we could eat.  I’m planning to fence the less guarded side of the garden with chicken wire this fall.  Hopefully it will be enough of a deterrent for the groundhog.  As for the chipmunks, we got a trap.  Hopefully soon our tomatoes will be able to ripen unmolested.

Sadly, I have pepper problems, too.  The plants are producing well: loads of crisp, shiny, beautiful peppers in five varieties.  Unfortunately, they are so delicious I keep eating them before I take a picture.  You will have to imagine their beauty and deliciousness.

There is time yet for a good harvest.  Hopefully we’ll have some tomatoes soon and some cucumbers before frost (hopefully 2 months away.)


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