Back to School Dress

dress (5)

Today was the first day of school for #1 and #2.  #3 starts tomorrow.  I found myself with a little time while Miss C. napped, so did a sewing project.  I took a hand-me-down bodysuit and a quilting fat quarter and turned them into a little dress with a decorative ribbon.

These pictures show my second attempt.  The first didn’t turn out very well.  I am not a very careful seamstress and my seam ripper got quite a workout today.  I think I have the correct order of steps down now.

dress (2)

It’s just a little bit big.  Miss C. is in 12 months and it is a size 18 months, but I like it a lot.

dress (1)

I have a few more bodysuits and t-shirts and plenty of fat quarters.  If I get a chance to make another dress I’ll take some pictures of the process.   This one might be up next.

dress (3)



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