Alphabet Book – Sketches

I finished making all 26 sketches for my alphabet book!   I have a pretty good idea how I will turn each into an applique page, but I’m sure I will make some changes as I start piecing them together.  Most of the animals are either traced from photos or drawn freehand while looking at photos.  Most of the photos I found online, but a few are ones I took.  Notably, the moose is from a photo taken during our honeymoon in Canada. The font is AR Christy for most letters.  Some I drew freehand because I didn’t like how they looked.  I still don’t like the “S.”

You might notice I changed “E” from Eagle to Earwig.  My husband talked me into it because he knows I really don’t like earwigs.  I’m totally fine with most creepy crawlies, but I had an unfortunate incident as a child involving my favorite climbing tree and a rotten branch full of earwigs.  I wasn’t injured, but I would rather avoid ever touching an earwig again.  But I can applique one.  Why not.

And yes, the chipmunk is eating a tomato.  I just spotted another chipmunk stealing one of ours.  It’s chipmunk #13.  Where are they all coming from?

I’ll end up flipping some of the pictures and overlapping them differently and that kind of thing, but the ideas are all there.  Now I have to color them (after buying new colored pencils because ours have all been used up or broken or lost or eaten) and then clean up my sewing area, and then start tracing shapes and choosing fabrics!




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