Alphabet Book Planning and First Steps


I have spent a lot of time over the past few days planning the alphabet book.  I figured out the layout for the pages.  I will do three “books” of doubles sides pages and sew them parallel to form the binding.  Doing one “book” with all the pages in one layer would be too thick to sew through and the ends of the pages would not be even.

I just finished embroidering all of the labels.  I was considering doing them in different colors on different colored fabric, but finally settled on all black on all off-white cotton.  It took long enough even when keeping it simple.  I love my sewing and embroidery machine!


The embroidery cloth needs to be ironed still, but naptime was over.

I have started choosing colors, tracing shapes, and transferring the shapes to the fabric.  Yes, I do my ironing on the bathroom floor.  It’s tile, so it’s heat resistant, and I can close the kids and cats out.


Hopefully tomorrow I can actually start, and finish, the first page!


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