Straw Bale Garden Part 4: Tomato Harvest


It’s mid-September and we finally are getting a reasonable tomato harvest.  This is two days worth of our tomatoes (some a touch under-ripe)

In mid-August we came home from vacation to find our garden overrun with chipmunks and the cucumber plants almost completely eaten by something (groundhog?)   Our garden is well fenced, but apparently not quite well enough.

After removing a dozen chipmunks, we started getting indigo blueberry tomatoes and currant tomatoes (which were supposed to be golden, but have been red instead.)  Then we started to get sun gold, super sweet 100, and sunrise bumblebee.  Finally, the black and white cherries started to ripen.  The green zebras have still not gotten there.

Now the indigo blueberry are past their peak.  We are only picking a few here and there.  The sunrise bumblebee are taking a few day break, but we have plenty of green-yellow ones coming soon.  The white and black cherries are having a heyday.

We also have a mystery volunteer.  It has round, red tomatoes which are larger than the Super Sweet 100.  R says they are delicious, and has eaten all of them so far.

The kids’ favorites are the currant tomatoes.  Little A (2) likes the indigo blueberries because they turn purple where the sun shines on them, so there is often a red star where the sepals shaded the fruit.

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We have finally had a few decent cucumbers, too.  The peppers are still doing very well, but none were ready to harvest today.




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