Appliqué Practice and Tutorial

Before starting the alphabet book I decided I needed to do a practice appliqué.  When we moved into our house I briefly had my own sewing room.  It is now Miss C’s room.  While we were transitioning I didn’t have my sewing machine out for almost a year, so I was feeling a little rusty.

I figured since I did the project I might as well provide a little tutorial.

I asked my kids who would like an embellished t-shirt.  R accepted, excitedly.  He offered a bright orange shirt and chose a Saturn design and two fabrics.  He loves planets and space.

shirt (3).JPG

I traced the two parts of the design, the planet and the ring, onto fusible interfacing.  It’s great stuff.  You have to make sure to trace the designs backwards (mirror image,) but it didn’t matter for this design.   I used a mug to make sure the planet was actually round.

Way back when (oh, 18 months ago) I bought a bolt of fusible interfacing and a bolt of tear away stabilizer.  It was a great decision.  It was a lot cheaper than buying smaller amounts and it means I don’t have to be stingy with it!


I ironed the pieces to the back of the appropriate fabric and allowed them to cool for a few minutes.


Then I cut the shapes out.


I peeled the paper backing off the fusible interfacing, placed the shapes onto the t-shirt, and ironed them in place.


I put a piece of stabilizer underneath the t-shirt and started to sew.  I just used the zigzag stitch on my machine, set pretty close together, and did it free hand.  I need to get a clear or open foot to make this step easier.


It’s pretty!  I love the colors he chose.


I used tear away stabilizer, so I turned the t-shirt inside out and tore off the stabilizer.  With the close zigzag stitch it comes away very easily.


There is a little stabilizer left between the stitches.  It makes the t-shirt a little scratchy until it has been washed a few times, but unless the kid is really sensitive, it does eventually soften up enough.


I set the design a little low (oops. should have checked!) so I might add a star or two above it at some point, if R cares.  He loves the shirt.




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