Straw Bale Garden Part 5: Fall Update


Fall is upon us.  We have already had a frost advisory, but thankfully it didn’t get quite cold enough to kill off the garden.

After a long, hot, dry summer the plants are really taking off now.  The bales are wonderful in wet weather because they drain so well.  In hot, dry weather it is very difficult to keep the bales moist enough for the plants to grow.  The plants are enjoying the much cooler fall weather.

The tomatoes did okay all along, except for the chipmunks, but they are now very bushy and dark green and covered with unripe fruit.  We are picking around a quart of cherry tomatoes every other day.  I pick them slightly under-ripe to try to beat the critters.

Notice how little blight there is.  The bales are amazing at minimizing blight, even compared to planting in pots.  There has been a little down low, but it never seems to spread, even though the plants are very tightly packed.  I do fertilize my plants, occasionally, but I do not use any chemicals on them.  The kids are in and out of the garden and it’s just not worth it.


Our peppers in the bales struggled this summer, but now they are covered with flowers and little bell peppers.  Our potted peppers took a break in late summer, but are coming back full force now.  One Italian pepper plant has 57 peppers 1-5 inches long (at last count) plus many flowers and tiny peppers starting.

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Our cucumber plants recovered from the groundhog and we have enjoyed a few delicious cucumbers.  Sadly, it’s getting to cold for them, so they were pretty much a bust this year.

You can see, however, the difference in powdery mildew between the few I planted in the ground and the ones in the bales!

The strawberries and raspberries are doing extremely well.  We have a row of everbearing strawberry plants and have been enjoying a small harvest from them.  The raspberries are all everbearing and, even at only 2 years old, are producing very well.



3 thoughts on “Straw Bale Garden Part 5: Fall Update

  1. Wow!! Your garden is incredible! My strawberries somehow don’t bear fruits, and my peppers don’t turn red *gasp* Tomatoes though… Yum! Anyway, what would you do with the unripe tomatoes? The autumn is coming here too…xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! My mom is an avid veggie gardener, so I was well taught growing up. Peppers take forever to turn red. I usually end up eating the bell pepper green because I run out of patience. The orange ones are mini bell peppers and they still sit green for a couple weeks before turning.

      I know there are a lot of things you can make with green tomatoes, but I have never tried.


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