Wrapping up some WIPs

The kids determined my craft schedule this week.  The youngest two have been tag-teaming me at night.  My husband usually helps out with the nighttime wakings, but he has been very busy at work this week and hasn’t had much chance to sleep either.  In my sleep-deprived state I decided it would be wise to stick to knitting and crochet this week and save the sewing for later.  It is a lot easier to undo knitting and crochet mistakes than sewing mistakes, especially when sewing appliqué.  And I definitely have had to take out knitting and crochet mistakes.

I have managed to finish off three blankets so far this week.  This pink one is part of a baby gift for the brand new daughter of one of mu husband’s friends.  My husband chose the colors.  I knit it corner-to-corner in garter stitch, so the stripe pattern is a little different on each side.


This one was waiting for the last few squares for a while.  I love the autumn colors.  I don’t have a baby boy in mind for it yet.


Finally, I did another small corner-to-corner crochet blanket (the photo lies, it is actually square.)  I have a few of these and am hoping to find a suitable place to donate them, maybe a NICU.



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