Color Coding Kids

I have been thinking about organization a lot recently.  One of the tricks I use I learned from my mom, who learned it from her mom.  Each kid is assigned a color.  My mom and her sisters were red, green, blue, and yellow, in that order.  My siblings and I were red, blue, yellow, and green.

We assigned colors at birth, kind of accidentally.  They were each given a blankie knit either by my sister (#1, #2, and #3,) or myself (#4 and #5.)  That color stuck.  In order, R has yellow, Big A has blue, O has green, Little A has red, and Miss C has purple.

The main reason this is useful is because kids can learn to identify their color before they learn to identify their initial or name.  It’s also often easier to mark something with a color then with a letter or name.

We use the kids’ colors around the house: on all the bathroom stuff, on the laundry baskets, one the lunch containers, and so on.



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