Donation A Day: Oct 1-8

I should admit that I thought of this project in the middle of the night September 29th or 30th.  I didn’t really plan it and it shows in my finished projects.  It took me a little while to decide whether I should focus on quantity (lots and lots of little hats) or quality (a few really nice larger sets.)  I think I will try to do some of both.

I also had trouble finding a pretty hat pattern I really liked, which is why I have been working on the bonnet pattern.  I really like it for the smaller sizes.  I think it will be pretty for larger sizes, too, once I get them sorted out.  Which leads to a question: bonnets for boys, yes or no?  Are they still considered formal, or are they now just girly?  I can, and probably will, easily make more boyish hats.

Here are my finished projects.  I have several little blankets in various stages of production as well.

October 1st: The pink blanket and little bonnet will be a set.  I think the bonnet is about a 20 week size.


October 2nd: Mamma that Makes has a few patterns for cocoons.  I tried one, and modified it.  I don’t think I will make more.  A blanket is more versatile (size) and I think more special.  The little beanies are super fast and easy to make, even without a pattern.  I need to do some striped ones.


October 3rd: Random hatting.  I had fun trying out some patterns from Mamma That Makes.  I didn’t find one I really liked, so I started messing around.  The little blue pompom hat turned out pretty cute.  And the cream bonnet at center bottom is what started my Lacey Shell Bonnet.


October 4th: I knitted.  These blankets are super soft.


October 5th: This blanket was started on the 4th and took a while to finish.  I made it in Caron Simply Soft and I love the result.  The pattern is available free on Ravelry.  Beautiful Shells Blanket and is worked from the center out.


October 6th:  Shell Bonnet!  And a simple dc bonnet to which I added lace edging.  Once I finish the shell bonnet pattern I’m going to try adding lace edging to those, too.  So easy and so sweet.


October 7th: I worked on the larger sizes of the shell bonnet.  I’m still tweaking the proportions and trying to figure out what sizes I made.


October 8th: We had the kids at an amusement park all day today and didn’t get home until 9 pm.  Then we still had to get the kids all transferred to bed.  But I managed to make one, very tiny, bonnet.



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