Four Little Monkeys Bake Apple Crisp


When we have bananas which need to be used we make Banana Bread.  When we have apples which need to be used we make apple crisp.

Apple crisp is one of my favorite things to bake with kids.  It is delicious, there aren’t any raw eggs, you don’t need to measure exactly, if at all, and you get to use a really fun apple slicer.

I don’t use a recipe, but if you need one, a quick internet search will turn up many options.

For ingredients, you need: apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, oats, flour, and butter.  I also use some vegetable oil.

First, you core and cut up the apples.  We have a really fun apple peeler-corer-slicer.  You stick the apple on, turn the handle, and it cuts the apple into a spiral while removing the core.  I never use the peeler part because we like to leave the peels on.  The kids love using the apple machine and they love eating the apple spirals.  All the boys took turns spinning apples.  I just cut the spiraled apples in half, top down, giving me a bunch of nice apple slices.

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Second, you put sugar and cinnamon on the apple slices.  Some people use white sugar.  We use brown sugar.  You don’t want a lot, maybe a couple tablespoons.  You should let a 2-year-old add the cinnamon.  It keeps life exciting.  I mix everything by putting another bowl on top, holding them together, and shaking.  It’s quick and easy.  Some family members like their apple crisp plain, other like it with raisins and pecans.  We made one of each.  You should probably lightly grease the pans before pouring in the apples.

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After the apples are all set, you make the topping.  Basically, you want to mix together oats, some flour, some brown sugar, and some cinnamon, and then cut in some butter.  I like to use half butter and half vegetable oil.  With ingredients like that, you can’t really mess it up.  Unless, that is, you decide to get clever and use the food processor to cut in the butter but mix in the oats first so you also cut up the oats, ruining the texture.  Then you just add extra oats and spread the mixture over the apples, pretending it never happened.

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Finally, you bake at 350 degrees F for about 40 minutes, until golden brown on top.  There are no raw eggs or anything, so there’s no exact heating threshold you want to meet.


After it cools slightly, serve it warm with some vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream.  It makes a delicious breakfast, too, if you are feeling indulgent.


The boys helped with every step except putting it into, and taking it out of, the oven.

Because we don’t use a recipe, the apple crisp is always a little different.  The first time we made it this season it was a bit too sweet.  But the boys loved it.  This time there was a little too much topping (if that’s possible.)  But, there is such a wide range of acceptable outcomes for apple crisp that it doesn’t really matter.


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