A Rainbow of Hats

I was going to try to do this donation a day project only using yarn from my stash (my enormous, fills my walk-in closet, stash) but I have mostly bulky yarn.  Bulky yarn doesn’t work well for tiny projects.  I bought a skein each of white, baby blue, baby pink, and cream in light weight.  I have been using that for the bonnets.  But the colors have been getting boring.

I have always loved tiny things, and every time I passed the packages of yarn bonbons in the store I wanted to buy them.  I showed a level of self control not in evidence with the rest of my stash and never bought them, until yesterday.


The yarn is lightweight and the skeins are tiny.  And super cute.


I decided I will use them to make more tiny hats, probably to be used as keepsakes for first trimester losses.  They are close in size to my two smallest bonnets, so in the 11-13 weeks size range.  I don’t know how you would put a hat on a baby that small, though.  A bonnet, yes, but not a hat.  I used a D (3.125 mm) hook and a very simple pattern in joined rounds.  The first dc of each round is really a ch3.

  1. work 10 dc in a magic circle
  2. dc, 2dc around (15 dc total)
  3. in contrast color, dc in each st
  4. in main color, dc in each st, end

They are really fast to make.  I went for a walk around a pond with Little A and Miss C today.  Instead of hurrying Little A along, like usual, I let him take his time.  If he wanted to spend 20 minutes throwing rocks into the pond, fine.  I pulled out the little skeins of yarn and made a few tiny hats.  I came home with 8 hats (all the blue/green/yellow ones.)  The skeins look almost untouched, so I should get a lot of hats out of them!


I love the white with a stripe of color best.  This might have to become my carry-in-my-purse-all-the-time project.  It definitely doesn’t take up much space.

These would make really cute doll, hats, too.  Or Christmas ornaments if you added a little pompom to the top.


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