Donation a Day: Oct 17-24


Apparently, it has been a productive week!  I took some close-up photos, too.

October 17: The bonnet is newborn size, the hats are really tiny keepsakes.


October 18: I cheated.  The pink blanket was almost done before this project started.  I just did the border and hat on the 18th.  I have two very similar blue blankets, also already done, for which I should make hats.



October 19: Two 1 inch hats.  Yep, that’s it.  But it’s because I was working on the next set…


October 20: This dragonfly set.  Love.  More pictures, and pattern, here.  If I were starting this project over, I might just make these in a bunch of colors.  Maybe next year.


October 21: Fun with self-striping yarn!


October 22: I bought some 9 inch, size 8, circular knitting needles.  I had no idea such a thing existed!  These are preemie size hats knit from self-striping yarn.  I want to make more!


October 23: Corner to corner knit blanket and two matching hats.  The purple one is actually something Big A started on a knitting loom, but he lost interest quickly and it had been ignored for a couple months.


October 24: I know today isn’t done yet, but I put my morning’s work into the first picture and didn’t want to retake it after putting everything away.  I started this last night and finished this morning.  There is a very subtle garter stitch heart in the middle.  I think it’s about a 20-week size.


One week left!  Looking at my work from this week, I noticed something: pink.

Apparently I made three girly sets and one one boy set.  Hmm.  And the hats.  I made 16 girly hats, 9 boy hats, and 6 neutral.  And that’s counting the mostly yellow knit hat as a boy one.

I pulled out my other work, and found I have done six girl sets so far and only two boy sets.  I think I might have to only allow myself to use blue and green yarn this week.  I would like to try to finish the next 3 sizes of the bonnet pattern, too.  I think I have them figured out.


One thought on “Donation a Day: Oct 17-24

  1. Those teeny ones make me so sad!

    Carol Hulick

    “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson



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