A Tale of Two Hats


I had to take a little break from tiny hats this morning to make a winter hat for Miss C.  It turned into two winter hats.

The first one I knit in the round with a simple ribbing edge.  Unfortunately, Miss C thought I had made it so we could play “take off the hat and giggle.”

The obvious solution was to make another hat, with ties.  I have made ear-flap hats before, making them up as I go along, but this time I didn’t feel like having to backtrack if I messed up.  I found this snow day hat pattern and decided to give it a try.  I used caron simply soft (Victorian Rose, Off White, and Grey Heather) and an I hook (5.25mm.)  I followed the directions for the baby size and even checked my gauge.  I ran just a tiny bit big, but I figured Miss C is 9 months and outgrowing 12 month clothes.  A bit big should be a good thing.   It looked huge, especially after making so many preemie hats, but when I tried it on it was just a tiny bit big.  Hopefully that means it will fit all winter.

IMG_5242 - Copy.JPG


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