Donation a Day: Oct 24-30


It’s the last day of my month-long project!  This past week was brought to you by the colors blue and green.

I kind of cheated in the above picture.  Two of the blankets were already made before this project, and two were made early in the month.  I just did matching hats for them this week.  But they look so much better with the blankets than they do by themselves.


October 24th: I know I did the 24th already, but I completed a couple more pieces that afternoon.  Here’s the full set.10-24


October 25th: I had three skeins of this yarn which I bought impulsively on clearance and wanted to use up.  I got three blankets and four hats out of them.  This set, and the one above, are identical, but different sizes.  One is probably 24 weeks and the other more like 34 weeks.



October 26th:  Are those cables?  Yup.  I decided to relearn how to knit cables.  They were easier than I remembered and made such a sweet little hat.


October 27th:  This is a cheating day.  I had these two blankets done before the project, with the intention of someday donating them.  I just made the hats today.  I love the combination of these hats with these blankets.  And both are so easy to make.  If I do this project again next year, there will be more of these!10-26-3


October 28th: Busy day, so I just managed a few tiny hats.



October 29th: This is a newborn size hat.  I am working on a sweet matching blanket, which I hope to finish today.


October 30th: This morning we suddenly decided to have a family costume theme.  I had to pull together a bunch of costume pieces during the day so we would be ready for an evening family party.  I pulled it off, and even managed a few little hats after the party.  The two brown/blue/teal ones match a few little blankets from October 4th.  The littler one is probably a 14-15 week size, making it the smallest set I made this month.


October 31st.  Today.  Wow.  I’m wrapping thing up.  I have a blanket to finish and two blankets which need matching hats.  Then I’m hoping to put everything together and if I have time fill in any gaps in sizes.

I’ll take a picture of everything tomorrow.

I think I over-corrected and  now have more blue than pink.  Oops.


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