Sewing Lessons and Lavender Sachets


My boys are always asking me about crochet and knitting.  The older two want to learn, and I have tried to teach them, but our few lessons have ended with everyone frustrated.  R (8) does not excel at fine motor skills and tends to hold the hook, or needles, with a death grip.  Big A (7) just doesn’t have the patience to learn yet.  I got them some knitting looms, but they need help wrapping the yarn and tend to drop a lot of stitches.  It’s just not working out for us.

So, we tried sewing.  I started teaching R to sew last fall.  We got some 5″ quilting squares and he made a bunch of beanbags.  He had fun, but we have way too many beanbags.  He wanted to sew again, and Big A wanted to learn, and we do not need anymore beanbags.  Ever.

My brainstorming finally turned up lavender sachets. Continue reading

Two Weeks Later…

I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth.

We have been sleep training Miss C (because 9 months is too old to be waking up 5+ times a night!) and potty training Little A and I have been working on another charity project.

My sister is going to run the Boston Marathon for charity in the spring.  She is raising money for cancer research.  I offered to make a bunch of hats to sell at a craft fair this weekend to help her raise money.  It has been keeping me busy!  I did a few lobsters, too, just because.