Donation a Day: Complete!


On October 1st I announced my goal of making at least one item a day, to donate to a hospital, in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

I did it.  I actually far exceeded my goal of 31 items.  Today was my first time taking everything out of the box and looking at it all together.

This is a very picture heavy post.  I managed to make…

62 tiny hats,

62 tiny.jpg

12 very small hats,


15 small hats (and a cocoon,)

15 small plus cocoon.jpg

13 preemie small hats,

13 medium.jpg

8 preemie medium hats,

8 preemie small.jpg

8 preemie large hats,


2 preemie extra large hats.  Well, the hat on the right I actually made for Miss C, but it came out on the small side.  She did not have a small head, so it sat in a box waiting to be donated somewhere.)


That’s 120 hats.  One hundred and twenty.  Wow.  And a cocoon.

I also made some blanket and hat sets.  Sixteen of them!  10 blue and 6 pink (told you I over-corrected.)  To be honest, four of the blankets were done, or almost done, before this project.


There are three small/medium sets,

sets small.jpg

six medium/large sets,


and seven newborn size sets.


sixteen sets, with a hat and a blanket each, is another 32 pieces.  Plus the 120 hats, and the cocoon… I made 153 pieces?  Wow.  That’s just under 5 pieces a day.  Can I say “wow” again?

I packaged the hats by size (roughly,) and tied all the sets together, labeled with the approximate head circumference.  All together, they more than fill a large diaper box.

everything boxed.jpg

Honestly, I loved this project.  It was emotionally challenging at times, but also a lot of fun.  I got to try out yarns and techniques, and patterns which I never would have tried for a full size project.  And hopefully each item will bring a little comfort to someone.  And that feels amazing.

I would love to do this, or something similar, again next year.  If I do, here are the things I would definitely repeat.

  1. corner to corner knit blanket (pink/yellow): easy and so classic.
  2. simple shells (light blue): easy, classic, and fancy.
  3. beautiful shells blanket (purple): takes a bit of time, but so classy.
  4. corner to corner crochet (three middle ones): easy and turns out nicely.  For the hats I did a variation on this color banded preemie hat.
  5. V-stitch (stripes): easy, and looks awesome with the stripes.
  6. The dragonfly blanket. (peach):  I love that one so much.

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