The Best Christmas Stocking Ornament Ever!

Happy December!

Making my own patterns is usually involves a lot of trial and error, back tracking, and patience.  Two years ago I decided to make a stocking ornament.  I couldn’t find a pattern I liked, so I sat down to make my own.  Within 10 minutes it was done.  And it was perfect.

Okay, not really.  I had to size up the hook and modify the top, but it was still an amazing feeling to get it pretty much right on the first try!


These are easy and cheap to make.  They are nice little gifts and sell like hot cakes at craft fairs.

The Best Christmas Stocking Ornament Ever!



  1. Red Heart Super Saver in white and another color.  They look amazing in any color.
  2. I (5.5mm) hook
  3. Bernat Baby blanket in white, or other super bulky textured yarn
  4. yarn needle
  5. scissors
  6. candy

Gauge doesn’t really matter, but this makes a really nice size.  Mine measure 4.5″ from the base of the hanging loop to the tip of the toe when hanging.

Fine print: This pattern and all pictures included are property of Virginia Rogers. No part of this pattern may be rewritten and sold as your own pattern. The photos may not be reproduced without my permission. The pattern may be shared, but please provide a link back to this blog. Finished products may be sold anywhere, but please give me credit as the designer and provide my blog address (

Rounds are worked in a spiral (unjoined.)  I recommend crocheting over tails when possible to minimize the sewing-in at the end.

  1. starting in white and working in a magic circle, sc5
  2. 2sc in each st around  (10 sts)
  3. sc in each st around, on last st switch to color.  I leave the white yarn attached for later
  4.  sc in each st around (10 sts)
  5. repeat step 4 three more times  img_6227
  6. sc 4 more sts, on last st switch to white.  I leave the color yarn attached for later.  NOTE: when you pick up the white from the toe, make sure you pick it up under the color yarn.  Otherwise you get a little dot of white showing through the side.  The hunter green stocking (center) was done incorrectly.  The olive green and purple show how it should look.  img_6362-2
  7. ch1, turn, sc 6
  8. repeat step 7 twice more, end, leaving a 5-6″ tail for sewing (heel made)img_6233
  9. flip the heel inside out and sew up the back, hide and trim remaining white yarn, then flip it right side out again.img_6236img_6239
  10. With color, sc 11 sts evenly around opening.  I usually sc2tog at the back of the heel, counting that as 1 st of my 11 sts.
  11. sc in each st around (11 sts)
  12. repeat step 11 4 more time
  13. sc to center back and ss to end, leaving a 12″ tail
  14. Knot the tail to make a hanging loop    (NOTE: I made this one before I figured out how to avoid the little white dot on the side.)img_6242
  15. Sc around the top with textured yarn.  I do 2 or 3 2sc evenly spaced on this round to make it even fluffier.  Instead of using textured yarn you could also do a few more rounds on sc in white and fold it over.   img_6248
  16. Sew in any loose tails
  17. Stuff with treats!  For the picture at the top of the page, I was able to fit 5 Hershey Kisses and a mini candy cane without distorting the shape.   img_6252

You can embroider an initial, snowflake, etc as decoration.  I made an ornament for each of my kids and embroidered it with their first initial.  Instead of doing chocolate advent calendars this year I am putting a little treat in each stocking each day and then hiding them on the tree.  They love it!



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