Christmas Crafting

Warning: if you are related to me, or just expecting a gift from me this year, you might not want to read this post.

I seem to have over committed on homemade gifts again this year.  I always want to make everything for everyone and then struggle to get it all done.  My to-do list has 17 items (umm, 18?)  which need to be finished in the next 18 days.  Yikes.

First I decided to give my sister a “choose your own homemade gift” coupon for her birthday in early fall.  She finally got around to choosing something a little before Thanksgiving.  And so I made my first pair of fingerless gloves.  I had never done gloves or mittens before, but they weren’t as difficult as I expected.  But… she didn’t like the one color wool yarn in the right size I had on hand.  So these turned into a birthday gift for my mom.  And if I’m making them for my mom and one sister then I should make them for my other sister as well.  That’s three pairs.  I have one done and gifted, one almost done, and yarn waiting for the third.


variation on this pattern: one cable mitts

Then my dad liked the pair I gave to my mom so much that he asked me if I could find time to make a pair for a friend of his who shattered a hand in a nasty tool-related accident and whose now healed hand gets cold and stiff easily.  How can I say no to that?  Make that four pairs…

And, while buying yarn for the gloves, I saw a sample scarf which I loved.  It was brioche knit, which I had never tried before.  But I really wanted to make one for my husband.  He’s tough to shop for an even tougher to craft for.  And there was a perfect yarn.  So I’m making a scarf, too.  It’s probably 75% done.

Then his parents saw it.  And felt it.  And loved it.  They live nearby and are my primary help with all the kids.  I can never thank them enough for everything they do.  And they are just as hard to craft for as my husband.  And so I now have three scarves to make.  And if I’m making them for my husband and in-laws, I should probably do one for my brother-in-law, too.  Make that four scarves.  And I want one for me, in 2-color brioche (because it looks so cool) in a super soft silk blend (because I really can’t wear wool) but that isn’t happening this month.

You see where this is going, right?

And I have a belated baby gift to finish.

And I need to make a stocking for Miss C.  (Thankfully, it’s just easy sewing.)

And I wanted to make a quick cloth book for her for Christmas.  (Thankfully, the alphabet book isn’t “due” until mid-January.)

And I told R we could sew some cloth book kits together for Miss C and my nephew.

And I told R we could sew reuseable handwarmers for him to give to all his relatives.

And there’s that afghan I started in the summer and haven’t worked on for a couple months.

And I would love to crochet a beetle for my beetle-obsessed little nephew.

And I told the kids we could bake cookies for the neighborhood.

And I want to give some little stockings to the kids of friends.

And there’s all the usual Christmas stuff.

And I still have five little kids to care for.

And I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

It’s going to be a busy 18 days.


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