Beetle Bop!


My only nephew just turned two, and he is obsessed with beetles.  Obviously, he needs a crochet beetle for Christmas.

My little sister has mastered being the super cool aunt who lets the kids do anything.  As a mom of five, I find I am too serious to challenge her for that position, nor would I want to.  She’s too good at it.  Instead, I’m going to be the super cool aunt who can make anything.  It’s a better fit for me, anyway.

I tracked down a copy of this excellent children’s book, Beetle Bop.


I flipped through until I found the most distinctive, crochetable, beetle in the book, and got to work.  It turned out beautifully.


Knowing how particular little kids can be about details, I tried to make it as close to the picture, and also as realistic, as possible.  The elytra (the hard wing coverings, I had to look up the proper term) lift up to show the lacey wings underneath.  When flipped over, the bottom of the beetle is all black.



After making about half the beetle it occurred to me to look up what kind of beetle it is.  It turns out it’s a striped cucumber beetle (I thought it looked familiar!)  Hopefully my also-gardening-loving sister will forgive me for giving her son a giant, cuddly pest.  Fortunately, striped cucumber beetles are really 1/4 inch (6 mm) long, not 14 inches like the one I made.

As a side note, without the elytra, if I striped the abdomen, it would make an awesome bee.



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