Almost Ready for Christmas

Just 6 days left.  I might actually make it!

Again, if you are family, or expecting a gift from me, you might not want to read on…


Here are my finished, in progress, and waiting in the queue gifts!

At top is an extra long (80+”) heathered dark green scarf, brioche knit, for my husband.  The yarn is Berocco Inca Tweed and is 50% wool, 30% alpaca, 14% acrylic, and 6% rayon.  His brother will get an identical scarf in grey (skein of heather grey yarn at right, plus another skein not pictured.)

At the bottom is a grey scarf, completed, and a sea green scarf, in progress, for my father-in-law and mother-in-law.  My in-laws are warm-weather dwellers at heart and stuck here in cold-weather land because they want to be near their grandchildren.  They are my primary help with the kids, so I want to keep them nearby and happy!  The scarves are also brioche knit, but in 100% baby alpaca (Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky.)  It is amazingly soft and warm.

In the center are two pairs of fingerless mitts for my sisters, made with Ella Rae classic (100% wool.)  My younger sister has tiny hands like mine, so I made the maroon pair a little smaller.  I have one more pair to make, in the grey.  I already gifted a dark green pair to my mom.


Neither the fourth pair of mitts nor the grey scarf has to be done for Christmas.  I have an extra day or two for those.

I have completed almost everything else on my list.  The quick cloth book has probably been delayed for a year.  I’ll make it for her 2nd birthday.  It will still be age appropriate and we have enough for her for Christmas.  The afghan will hopefully get finished next year as well.  It’s 60-70% done and I was planning to finish it in October, but got side tracked by my charity project.


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