Alphabet Afternoon

The last week was a nice little post-holiday crafting break.  I finished up a couple baby blankets and knitted a few preemie hats.  But I didn’t do any big projects.  Now it’s a new year, and Miss C turns one this month!  I really have to finish my Alphabet Book.

Yesterday morning I assessed my progress.  I had all the letters planned and drawn, but had only finished A, B, C, D, E, and F, with a little progress on the I page.  Working yesterday afternoon and this morning, I traced all of the parts of all of the remaining letters on to fusible interfacing.

This afternoon, at 12:30, I sat down to start cutting all the fabric pieces and ironing them into place.  I will do the sewing, and clip the threads on the embroidery, once all of the ironing is done.  I got everything out, spread it all over the kitchen table, and organized it.  The right half of the table was my work area, the left half had all the pretty fabric quarters so I could easily choose my colors.


Just before 3:00, Little A woke from his nap, so I cleaned up and looked at what I got done.


Hmm.  I have 6 letters done, 6 letters halfway done, 14 letters barely started.  At least I have everything organized now so I won’t have to do that again.

Barring a miracle, the book isn’t going to be done for Miss C’s birthday.  But, she won’t care if it’s a little late.  My new goal is to finish it by the end of the month.  Yet another project delayed by my October Project, but it was worth it.

And the book is going to be so darn cool!


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