2017 Garden Planning!

It’s the new year, and that means I get to plan my new garden!

I like the heirloom mini varieties of tomatoes and peppers.  I just ordered seeds from Baker Creek and Totally Tomatoes.  I kind of went overboard and have to find room for 12 varieties of mini peppers (two of which are hot at my husband’s request) and 13-15 varieties of cherry/grape/currant tomatoes.  It’s about comparable to the number of plants we grew last year, but I have more varieties this year.  Fortunately, I’m also planning to double the size of the garden, although the new area won’t quite get full sun.

Here are the tomatoes

The photos from Baker Creek and Totally Tomatoes websites, except for the pink tomatoes with the quarter.  Those are what I’m calling “Pink Mystery” and are an unidentifiable volunteer.  I collected seeds and am hoping they grow true!  Other varieties are:

  1. Black cherry: husband’s favorite and have grown for many years.  Meaty.
  2. candyland red currant: new
  3. chocolate cherry: new
  4. gold rush currant: repeat from last year, the kids loved it.
  5. green tiger: new
  6. indigo blue berries: repeat from last year, pretty, the kids loved it.
  7. mint julep: new
  8. pink bumble bee: new, have bought them
  9. pink mystery: wild card!
  10. purple bumble bee: new, have bought them
  11. sunsugar: new, have bought them
  12. sunrise bumble bee: repeat from last year, pretty and prolific
  13. white cherry: repeat from last year, my dad loved them.  mild and sweet.

The only ones we didn’t repeat from last year are green zebra, which never ripened, and green envy.  Green envy was great in the past, but the seedlings didn’t do well last year.  I decided to try some new green varieties this year, but may go back to green envy someday.  We did super sweet 100 last year and might again, but it’s not worth starting myself.  Same for sungold, although I might just do the sunsugar this year.

and the peppers

  1. baby belle: new
  2. Cayannetta: new, hot!
  3. Filius Blue: new, hot!
  4. Jimmy Nardello: repeat from last year, sweet, delicious, hint of apple
  5. mini chocolate bell: new
  6. mini yellow bell: new
  7. oda: new
  8. odessa market: new
  9. red belgian: new
  10. violet sparkle: new
  11. white lakes: new
  12. yellow stuffing: new

Last year we also grew Tangerine Dream (from Burpee seeds) which was supposed to be a sweet pepper.  They were prolific and the sweet ones were very good, but 5-10% of them were decently spicy.  I like knowing whether the pepper will be spicy or not before biting into it.  So do the kids.  We also grew Savour Hybrid (also from Burpee) and they were lovely and prolific, but very seedy with very little flavor.  One of the kids liked snacking on them, but nobody else was impressed.

I’m going to try a baby eggplant again, although we have never had much luck with eggplant in the past.  And I will buy cucumber and zucchini plants (because the chipmunks eat my seedlings) and direct sew peas and beans.


A lot of my excitement this years stems from finally starting to like tomatoes.  I have always wanted to enjoy cherry tomatoes, but could never stand them.  Then, last summer, I tried some sunsugar.  And I loved them.  Then I tried super sweet 100 (for the thousandth time) and I loved them, and the white cherry ones, and the pink mystery ones.  Hopefully I will like even more varieties this year.  I also never liked peppers until a few years ago, but now I can’t get enough of them.  Gardening is way more fun now.

Also, this is post #100.  Double yay!


2 thoughts on “2017 Garden Planning!

  1. I grew Mint Julep tomatoes last year and will not grow them again. While they were pretty, by the time they were ripe, they weren’t as pretty and mostly had split open. I pushed visitors to taste them, feeling maybe I was prejudiced, but all agreed they really had very little flavor. Hopefully yours will be better, but I wouldn’t devote a lot of precious space to many. Indigo Cherry Drops was a fabulous find, highly prolific, pretty, nutritious, and tasty. I’m doubling the number of plants this year!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for the tip! I’ll grow just one plant. We grew the indigo blue berries last year and they were very pretty, but the flavor was nothing special. Maybe I’ll try the cherry drops this year. We have five (maybe six) tomato eaters this year, including kids who will happily eat pretty tomatoes with mediocre flavor.


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