I have a yarn problem.   This is the back wall of my walk-in closet.  There are 30 1-square-foot cubbies on the back wall.  There are another 26 cubbies below the clothes along the sides of the closet.  Most of those 56 cubbies are packed full of yarn.  And there is a shelf above the clothes with more yarn.


I also have a New Year’s resolution.  I’m going to try to find some good stash-busting projects.   Ideally, some of that will involve making things to give away or donate, so I can actually get some of the yarn out of the house.

I’m starting with these three cubbies (upper right, and the bottom two) which are full of Baby Clouds yarn.  It was discontinued a couple years ago and I bought a bunch on clearance.  It has been just hanging out, taking up space ever since.


I started with a couple simple, striped, dc baby blankets.  They turned out nicely, if a little thick, and are about 28″ square.  I finished one with satin blanket edging, and will probably do the same with the other.


But… each blanket only took about 2 skeins of yarn.  I have 32 skeins, some full, some partial.  I do not need 15 or 16 striped baby blankets.   I think I will take a dozen or so skeins and make a spread for the twin bed in Miss C’s room.   Maybe light blue with some purple, dark blue, white, and pink stripes.  It is chunky yarn, so hopefully it will work up pretty quickly.  And then I can figure out what to do with the rest.  Probably more baby blankets.


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