Stress Knitting

The second half of January was a bit rougher than usual.  Parenting got intense with sleep strikes, numerous viruses, and a busy time for my husband’s work.  My response was to stress knit a bunch of preemie hats.


Below, I’ll share two basic patterns, which can be made in any size.

IMG_8955 (2).JPG

Six months ago, I was wary of double pointed needles.  I could use them if I had to, but they were so awkward.  My project in October cured me of that.  I just wish someone had warned me how addictive knitting little hats can be!  I took the picture above yesterday morning, and in the afternoon made another 5 hats.


It is fun, relaxing, and I am sure they will be appreciated by the recipients.  I am so glad I recently reconnected with a high school friend who now works as an NICU nurse!

The monkeys are having a blast choosing colors for me.  I have been knitting with a strand of worsted weight yarn, or two strand of DK/light yarn, on 5.5-6.5 mm needles.  A few of the smaller hats in the front were done with a single strand of DK yarn on 4.5 mm needles.  I have been having fun using two different self-striping yarns so I have no idea what to expect.

The basic pattern is as follows

  1. Cast on sts in a multiple of six.  When working with 2 strands of DK/light yarn and 6 mm needles I find I need 30 sts for small preemie, 36 sts for medium preemie, or 42 sts for newborn size
  2. Split the sts evenly between 3 DPNs (10, 12, 14 on each)
  3. 3-4 rounds of k1,p1 around
  4. knit all until height is about 3/5 the width when flattened
  5. begin decrease rounds.  I decrease six sts by knitting 2 sts together evenly around.  If there are 14 sts on each needle I k5, 52tog, k5, k2tog on each needle.  The next round I k4, k2tog, twice per needle, and so on until I have 6 sts left.

I still have to sew all the tails in.

Yesterday afternoon I saw this cute hat and decided to try somthing similar.  I made a newborn size hat and at the decrease rounds decreased three, instead of six, sts per round by knitting together the last two sts on each needle each round, continuing until I had only 3 sts left, one per needle.  I topped it with a little tassel like in the picture.  This will definitely be a repeat!  It is so adorable.


For the tassel, I left a long tail at the end and pulled it through the 3 remaining sts.  Then I followed the directions for making a little tassel here.  If you want a longer point, do the decreases every other round and knit all sts on the other rounds.  Personally, I prefer the cute, little point.

And no, I still haven’t finished Miss C’s book.  The few times I have gotten both little monkeys to nap at the same time I have napped, too, or taken care of a sick kid.  It will happen.


4 thoughts on “Stress Knitting

    1. I had to learn to knit three or four times before it stuck. I first learned at age seven when my first grade teacher taught me. I finally got it about five years ago at age 28. 😉 If you have a yarn shop near you, see if they will do a lesson for you. The shop near me offers lessons and I might take them up on it someday if I can’t figure out color work on my own.

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