Cuddly Froggie


I took a break from writing up the bunny pattern* to finish this guy.  A friend of mine asked if I could make “a cuddly froggie” for his six-month-old.  It was a pretty open-ended request!  I have always shied away from frogs because I feel realistic ones don’t really lend themselves to crochet and I have never felt skilled at doing cute, cartoony critters.  Maybe I should try it more often because I love how this one turned out.  I didn’t model him off Kermit at all, but he kind of turned out that way.  There probably aren’t many different ways to do a cute frog.  I took basic notes when I made this guy (like “continue until the size looks right,” hah!) so hopefully someday I will come back and write it up properly.

*The pattern is taking forever to write up because I keep tweaking things.  I have to just stop and say it’s finished.


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