Giraffe Done Right


It took five days of crafting time, but she’s done.  And it was so worth it.  I knew she would be big, but… wow.  The table she is on in 30″ square.  She’s really big.  The kids love her.  They each want one of their own.

The pattern is by Heidi Bears.

Photos from the making process:

The 35 completed motifs.  I did the belly hexagon and the nose triangle in solid beige.


Here is the body all connected.  I decided to use “join as you go” instead of sewing together.  I hate sewing pieces together.  At this point I was wondering how it would ever look like a giraffe.  It’s so angular!


Then I stuffed it.  Oh.  Wow.


All pieced together


Complete!  Except for the eyes.  I might add those once I figure out what I want to use.


The back legs splay a bit, so she tends to rest most comfortably in a casual, seated posture.




If I make another giraffe, I will do a few things differently.

I didn’t like the order in which the pieces are joined.  The directions say to start with the back legs and work forwards.  I think I would make all the legs, join them to the belly, and then make the rump and back and then neck and head.  It’s a small thing, but I think it would make it much easier.

I also didn’t plan out my colors ahead of time.  I have two pumpkin, and two peach, shapes next to each other.  During the joining process that bothered me, but not enough to back track.  Now it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

I also made the horns a little bigger.  They turned out much too small when I followed the pattern.

Now I want to make a hippo!  Of course, I have a few other projects I should wrap up first.  Like that catnip rat/mouse pattern.  It’s done, I just have to take some photos and do a post.


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