Crafty Wanderings

I have three animal “commissions” I should be working on.  Should be.  One of them, a pair of moose, has been sitting around for almost two months, waiting for me to feel like making it.  Thankfully, the recipient is willing to be patient.  I’m seriously going to try to get it done today.  It shouldn’t even take very long.

Here’s what I have been doing instead…

After finishing the giraffe and baby gifts I got stuck on turtles.  I tried another geometric shape based turtle (well, tortoise) from a pattern I found online and the result is… ugh. IMG_1346 - Copy

Then I tried my hand at making my own from scratch.  It resulted in a baby sea turtle.  I think it’s adorable.  IMG_1374IMG_1367

Then I pulled out an old WIP baby blanket and finished it (except for the border.)  I love the springy colors.  It was tough to get them correct in the photo: dusty rose and lavender, spring green, some yellow and teal.  The yarn is Red Heart Boutique Treasure in Watercolors.IMG_1398

And I used the leftover yarn to make a simple little dc blanket which also still needs a border.  I definitely prefer the patchwork square pattern.IMG_1400

And I made another baby blanket, also awaiting a border.  This yarn is Lion brand Tweed Stripes in Limeade.  Unfortunately, they recently discontinued the color.  It was so delightfully gender neutral.  IMG_1394

Then I got bitten by the knitting bug and started a pair of mittens.  I finished one last night and started the second this morning.  Happy spring.  Hah.  We still have plenty of snow around.  IMG_1371

And I saw a lovely blanket pattern and had to try it.  Feather and fans.  I love it.  Super chunky yarn for this one.IMG_1377

I think one of my goals for this year is to improve my knitting skills.  I might even try socks.  I said I never would, but suddenly it sounds kind of fun.

But, today I really need to make those moose.  I want to get them into the mail tomorrow.

And tomorrow and Wednesday I need to write up that rat/mouse pattern.  And I’m hoping to get another pattern written in time to share it on the blog’s first anniversary on Friday.  I can’t believe I’ve kept up with this for a year.


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