This past Saturday, the kids let us sleep in until almost 9:00*. It was as amazing as it sounds, until about an hour after we got up, when my husband went down to the basement.

While R (9) read in bed, and Miss C (1) played in her crib, the other three (ages 3, 5, and 7) apparently had a goldfish fight in the basement playroom. It involved two entire bags of goldfish crackers and culminated in them stomping the goldfish to crumbs all over the carpet, mixed in with toys.

2 1/2 days later, after getting them to clean up the toys, do a first run over the crumbs with a carpet sweeper, clean up the toys again, clean up the crumbs someone shook out of the carpet sweeper after they neglected to empty it, and clean up the toys again, I finally got down there with the vacuum to finish the job, only to discover that the last time I made them vacuum up a big mess someone had decided it would be a good idea to vacuum up a sock.

This evening I spent an hour taking apart the vacuum, unclogging the vacuum, putting the vacuum together, and vacuuming.

But, I got to sleep in until 9:00* on Saturday!


*After being up with Miss C several times during the night because she still doesn’t sleep well.


3 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I remember those days well the blessing/curse of little ones discovering ways to entertain themselves! The worst mess I had to deal with was one time my son had somehow gotten hold of the nearly full peanut butter jar and was pretending he was Winnie the Pooh with a honey pot. It is tricky to clean peanut butter off of a 3 year old. Even trickier cleaning it off of a window screen. 😀


    1. The messes they make always make me think of every time one of them figured out how to take off a diaper and tried finger painting with poop. I had to clean it off the mesh sides of a Pack n Play while on vacation. And the wall of the hallway and stairs. And the whole crib a couple times. Yuck.

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      1. hahaaha I forgot all about the poop fun! I luckily only had to deal with that once and it was just to pry the ‘tootsie roll’ out of my daughter’s hand! “hey honey did you give aimee some chocolate??” “No why?” Eeeek!!


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