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I really felt like I needed to finish something today, so I set out this morning to finish my twin size stash-buster blanket.  I have been trying to clean out my stash of long discontinued Baby Clouds yarn and a large dc blanket seemed like a good way to do it.

I had mostly been working on the blanket when we watched TV or movies.  But, our TV routinely goes weeks without being turned on, so progress was pretty slow.  I need to finish it before it gets too warm out for me to want to crochet with a huge blanket on my lap.

I had 14 rows left to go.  I crocheted 2 rows and then decided to count how many stitches I had per row, because I had forgotten and I wanted to count down my remaining stitches.  I count 117.  There is no way I would ever start a blanket with 117 stitches unless the pattern specifically called for it.  I counted the starting row: 110 stitches.  Noooooo!

I spent the next few minutes counting stitches in different rows.  Apparently I increased by 1 somewhere in the first half, by another somewhere in the 3rd quarter, and by 5 in the last 7 rows.  5 of those row I did while watching a movie, and trying to keep tracking of the very mobile baby, in a pretty dark room.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Little A (3 1/2) loved helping me pull out 7 rows (770+ stitches.  Sob.)  I have since crocheted another 5, corrected, rows and am back to 110 stitches across.

So, a couple hours spent crocheting 2 rows, pulling out 7 rows, and crocheting 5 rows means I am right back where I started this morning.

Maybe I’ll get it done tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Backtracking

      1. Oh my gosh I’m sorry!! My son had very long hair until he was about 5 and then he wanted a haircut before he started kindergarten. He kept his hair short until high school then let it grow past his shoulders and dyed it green! His father (my ex) has hair almost down to his butt! 🙂

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  1. Today, in addition to grocery shopping with the two littlest kids, I managed to do 9 rows. Five rows left. I should easily finish up the crochet part tomorrow. I don’t know how long it will take for me to muster up the courage to try sewing the satin binding around the edges.


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