Baby Clouds DC Blanket

I was planning to finish this blanket last week, but then I ran into a couple unforeseen difficulties.  First, I had to backtrack.  Second, the cat wanted to borrow it.

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I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it, but our cats are LARGE.   This guy is 17 lbs without being overweight.  His brother is a little smaller.  They came to us as 4 week old abandoned kittens in 2006, and we had no idea they would get so big.  Both cats are super sweet and gentle, it just wasn’t worth moving him to work on the blanket.

But, I finally did finish it, except for the satin blanket edging.  Hopefully I’ll be brave enough to try sewing that on someday.  This yarn is fuzzy, so it will snag in the machine and it’s way too big to hand sew it.  The finished size is… large.  It is 110 sts per row and 91 rows of dc.  It easily covers a twin bed.  I love it.

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The yarn is long discontinued Red Heart Baby Clouds.  I’m trying to use it all up.  And I have enough yarn leftover to make another twin size blanket.  Joy.  Maybe in the fall.  The blanket feels nice when it is done, but the fuzzy yarn is kind of a pain to crochet.  share (3)

The day after I finished the blanket, I woke to this lovely weather.  Apparently, spring has been postponed this year.


So, I did start a second blanket.  But not with the Baby Clouds.  Last fall my oldest son asked me to make a blanket for his bed.  We chose colors, but I never got started because I was so busy trying to get holiday gifts finished.  Here’s the first stripe.  It should take seven repetitions to make it twin bed length.  The width is again 110 sts.  I absolutely love the colors and pattern.  It is just a simple DC blanket with an N (9 mm) hook and 2 strands of Red Heart Super Saver held together.  I think the kids might each end up with one eventually.

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These colors are black, burgundy, hot red, pumpkin, bright yellow, and pale yellow.


2 thoughts on “Baby Clouds DC Blanket

  1. I love the bold colors in the bottom blanket! Using the two strands together makes such a nice warm heavy blanket! I have done two using random lengths of contrasting colors in HDC instead of DC and they are the best blankets – there’s always a competition to call dibs on them for weekend naps! 🙂


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