April Showers Bring Crochet Flowers

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It’s April 27th and I have 25 1/2 hats made.

I’ll confess, I’ve been having trouble focusing on the project.  Hats are wonderful to make when it’s warm and sunny and I only have one eye for my knitting because I’m keeping one eye on the kids while they play outside.  But, we have had an unusually rainy month and I have spent too many days stuck inside with stir-crazy kids.  Knitting hats has gotten a bit boring.

Fortunately, I have a related project to work on.

A friend of my Mom’s made a heartfelt request that I make some chemo hats with beautiful flowers.   When she was undergoing treatment she wanted one, but they were all being sold for profit and were too expensive.

I’m not really a flower-on-hat type person, so I decided to make some flower brooches which can be put on any hat, on a scarf, or wherever the wearer wants.

I found these three five seven lovely flower patterns online.  I have links to all the patterns.


IMG_6253 (2)

I made all of these flowers with Caron Simply Soft yarn and an H (5.0 mm) hook.  I picked up a package of pretty silver and gold buttons for the centers.

IMG_6241 (2)

These are SkaMama’s Picot Flower, although I started with a magic circle, as always.  It looks lovely even without a button in the center.  But, the package of buttons I got came with some little (1 cm) buttons, so I sewed one in the center anyway.  (3.5″, 9 cm at widest)

IMG_6239 (2)

These are from the Overlapping Petals Crochet Flower Pattern by Very Berry Handmade.  Because it is large, all one color, and not too intricate, I think it is lovely with one of the fancy buttons. (4.5″, 11 cm at widest)

IMG_6244 (2)

This is Drops Design Crochet Flower.  It’s pretty straightforward, although I made it all with the same yarn and hook.  (3.75″, 9.5 cm at widest)

IMG_6234 (2)

The orange flower is Crochet Kanzashi Flower by Naztazia, except on the first round I used a magic circle.  I like the depth it has.  (3″, 7.5 cm at widest)

IMG_6246 (2)

The big all white flower was made following a video tutorial: Puff Stitch Center Flower by sheruknitting.  I really dislike working from videos, but I couldn’t find written directions.  At least the video is well done.  The flower is seriously big but I had a very large button to use.  (6.25″, 16 cm at widest!)

IMG_6236 (2)_edited

Uma Florzinha Charmosa by Ponto Preso is apparently in Portuguese.  It’s a unique little flower, and I wanted to make it.  My browser can understand Portuguese, but not crochet.  I can understand crochet, but not Portuguese. Between us, I think we managed to figure it out.  The pictures don’t do justice to the pretty curled petals.  (3″, 7.5 cm at widest)

  1. in a magic circle, ch5 (counts as dc, ch2), (dc, ch2) six times, join with a sl st to the 3rd ch of the starting ch5 (7dc, 7 ch2 spaces).  It looks like a wheel with 7 spokes and a rim.
  2. *slip into the first ch2 space (on the “rim”) ch3, dc5 into the same space, dc6 along the next “spoke” towards the center of the wheel* repeat for the other 6 spaces and “spokes,” join with a sl st to your starting sl st, end

IMG_6242 (2)_edited

And then there are these beautiful Crochet Brooches by Anabelia.  I love them, but there were no good step-by-step directions.  I did my best to translate the chart and sparse instructions into something easy to follow.  I also wanted to make them one-piece because I dislike sewing pieces together.  It took a few tries.

My 1st try is the teal/white, my 2nd try is the beige/blue, and I forgot the picots on the trim on the 2nd try, so looks like I’ll be making another.  (4.75″, 12 cm at widest)  Also, I have tiny fingers, so my loops turned out small.  I’ll have to make them bigger next time.

Here is the chart from the pattern site.

  1. In a magic circle, work 8 sc (8)
  2. Work 2 rounds of loops stitch (Loop stitch: wrap yarn over your finger, put hook through st, yarn over hook, pull loop through st, yarn over hook, pull through all loops, drop loop from finger.) (8)
  3. With loops facing up, attach petal color with a sl st to one of the sts, sc in each st around, join with a sl st to the sl st with which you started the round (8)
  4. *ch7, join with a sl st in the same st as the previous sl st, sl st into the next st* 8 times.  On the last repetition instead make the last sl st into the first sl st of the round (note: the pattern calls for ch9, but I got better results with ch7.  You want the petals very full and round.  If you chain tightly, try ch9.)
  5. working into the first ch7 space: *2sc, 2hdc, 3dc, 5tc, 3dc, 2hdc, 2sc* repeat for the other 7 ch7 spaces.  sl st into the 1st sc of the round and end, leaving a tail for sewing
  6. join the edging color, with a sl st, to the 1st sc on one of the petals.  sl st in every st around.  Join with a sl st to starting sl st.
  7. Optional 2nd row of edging: sl st into BLO on the 1st sc on one of the petals.  continuing to work in BLO for this entire round, sl st into next 8 sts, work (sl st, ch1, sl st) into the next st (center tc at tip of petal), sl st in the next 9 sts.  *sl st in 9 sts, work (sl st, ch1, sl st) in next st, sl st in 9 sts* for each of the remaining petals.  sl st into your starting sl st.
  8. sew in ends
  9. Optional: put a button through the center of the flower

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