Oh my goodness, where to begin?

I need to crochet a griffon, crochet a songbird, and knit a duplicate of Miss C’s favorite blankie.  I need to sew in all the ends on the hats (I think I made it to 27) and flowers, sew pins to the flowers, and send them on their way.

And it’s May, so there’s gardening.  Lots of gardening.  I spent three hours (nap time) yesterday getting started with the gardening.  I re-purposed my failed asparagus bed as a salad garden.  I planted five more raspberry plants to extend my bramble “fence” along the wooded/wetland side of the yard.  I extended our blueberry row by two plants, which involved cutting out the sod, putting down landscape fabric, planting, and extending our deer fence.  And I measured and mapped the vegetable garden, which I am planning to expand to twice the old size this year.

That leaves expanding the garden, (grass removal, fencing, etc,) moving strawberry plants, laying out the garden, planting the garden, doing some weeding around the yard, removing some invasive plants around the yard, and so on.

I’m not doing a bale garden this year.  I didn’t remember to get bales in time.

And I’m probably forgetting something.


2 thoughts on “May

  1. Oh your gardens sound amazing! I would love to have some berry bushes, not sure where I would put them though. I’ve seen strawberries in containers so that’s a thought. Wow you really got a lot done during nap time!! I would probably have been too tempted to nap along with the little ones! 😀


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