Tulip Trouble

I have learned something important over the past few days:

Tulips are surprisingly difficult to crochet.

IMG_6851 (2)

I figured a tulip pattern was the logical next step after doing the daffodils.  It certainly didn’t sound like a tough project, but I have started a half dozen tulips, and finished three.  I’m not happy with any of them.  I guess the red one might work if I make the petals longer.  Maybe.  Or I might just start over.  Or give up.


7 thoughts on “Tulip Trouble

  1. I think your tulips are lovely, I can do a few basic flowers but I do find flowers really hard to crochet, getting them to shape up right is often a frustrating process.
    If you are concerned about the length maybe it is the tulip variety that you’ve crocheted. To me, this looks like the very pretty little dwarf tulips that my mum has in her garden.


  2. I think part of my trouble is that we can’t grow tulips at our house. The local deer use our driveway as a deer path and they love tulips. For the daffodil I went outside and looked at our daffodils for inspiration. I also think I’m trying to be too realistic. I’ll work on something else for couple days and then give it another go.
    The other problem is that I was trying to make it one-piece. That’s just not working this time.


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