Gardening Hat

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We have had a very rainy spring.  Now we have a serious black fly problem.  If you don’t have black flies in your neck of the woods, consider yourself lucky.  They are tiny little flies which swarm your head and get everywhere.  They love to bite right next to eyes, inside ears, under your hair.  And their bites bleed.

I needed a gardening hat.  I wanted something cotton.  I actually had a couple knit ones I ordered on Etsy (just because.)  I sprayed the hats with bug spray.  They work wonderfully.  Unfortunately, the boys and I can’t all wear two hats at the same time.  I also wanted something a little nicer to wear while on the local hiking trail with the kids.


I found this Spring Hat pattern from Cre8tion Crochet.  I almost followed the pattern.

I used Premier Cotton yarn (it’s like Sugar and Cream or Bernat Handicrafter) and an H hook (I crochet loosely.)  When finished, I had about 2 yards left.  What a perfect project!

After the 7th round of shells I worked the following in hat color:
A round of sc
A round of (dc 14, dc 1 in BLO) 4 times
A round of (sc 14, tc in the open loop from the previous round, skip next st) 4 times: 4 loops made

Then I worked the brim with only minor modifications:

for the brim
1st round as in pattern, except worked in FLO
2nd round increased by 6 sts, evenly (132)
3rd round all dc (132)

Next time, for the brim I will try: 1st round 2dc around, 2nd and 3rd rounds dc around (120 sts.)

I put a 1” satin ribbon around it, using my ribbon loops.  I don’t like the satin and will switch to a grosgrain ribbon as soon as I decide what color I should use.

I’m going to make a toddler size one for Miss C, in the probably misguided hope that she will actually wear a hat.  I’m thinking white with a blue ribbon.


4 thoughts on “Gardening Hat

  1. Very pretty hat!! We get a lot of gnats and mosquitoes here. I never thought to spray insect repellent directly on to a hat – great tip thanks!! 😀


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