K’s Chemo Sun Hat Pattern


IMG_8265.JPGI made these two sun hats as chemo caps for a relative who is fighting cancer for the second time.  It’s a small gesture, but I wanted something I could get into the mail quickly.

The primary pattern in this post is for the gold and white hat.  The blue and white hat is a modification of my Striped Sun Hat.  I included directions for the blue hat, as well as patterns for the flower pins, at the end.


K’s Chemo Sun Hat

This hat is based on a pattern available on Crochet For You.   I didn’t like some aspects of the pattern, and it kept coming out way too big, so I just did it my way.

IMG_8280 (2)


I used Lily Sugar and Cream yarn and an H hook.  I work loosely with this yarn.  You might want to use an I hook.  For gauge, piece should measure 6-6.25 inches (15-16 cm) across after step 5.

Starting ch3 counts as a dc, starting ch1 does not count as a st.  Join rounds.

Uses two colors: “A” for crown, shells, and edging; “B” for thin stripes and brim

Makes a smallish women’s size hat.  For a larger size you could 1. Do a round of “dc all” between rounds 5 and 6 before starting the stripe and shell pattern.  Or 2. Work 6 (instead of 5) total rounds of shells, in which case step 9 would read “repeat steps 7 and 8 until you have 5 rounds of shells.”


  1. using color “A” in a magic circle, ch3, dc 11, join with a sl st (12 dc)
  2. ch3, dc in same st, 2dc in each st to end of round, join with a sl st (24)
  3. ch3, 2dc in next st, (dc, 2dc) to end of round, join with a sl st (36)
  4. ch3, dc, 2dc, (dc2, 2dc) to end of round, join with a sl st (48)
  5. ch3, dc2, 2dc, (dc3, 2dc) to end of round, join with a sl st (60)
  6. working in BLO, leaving color “A” attached, join color “B”, ch1, sc in same st, sc in each st around, join with a sl st (60)
  7. working in BLO, pick up color “A” in the same spot, ch1, sc in the same st (skip 2 sts, work 5dc into the next st, skip 2 sts, sc in next st) to end of round, ending with a sl st into the starting sc (pass ball of yarn through the ending loop to “tie off” color “A”) (60)
  8. skip st to which you joined and the next 2 sts and, working in BLO, pick up color “B” in the 4th st (above the center dc of the 1st dc cluster), ch 1, sc in the same st, sc in BLO of each dc, and both loops of each sc, around, join with a sl st (6)
  9. repeat steps 7 and 8 until you have 4 rounds of shells
  10. repeat step 7 one more time and end color “A”
  11. working in BLO, pick up color “B” in the same st in which you ended, ch1, sc in same st, sc in each st around, join with a sl st (60)  You should have 6 rows of shells.

For the brim you can work the stiffer, sc brim below or use the floppier dc brim from my Striped Sun Hat.  No modifications required, just follow either set of brim directions, working in both loops.


  1. ch1, sc in same st, sc in each st around (60)
  2. ch1, sc in same st, sc, 2sc, (sc2, 2sc) around (80)
  3. ch1, sc in same st, sc2, 2sc, (sc3, 2sc) around (100)
  4. ch1, sc in same st, sc8, 2sc, (sc9, 2sc) around (110)
  5. ch1, sc in same st, sc in each st around (110)
  6. ch1, sc in same st, sc in each st around (110), end color “B”
  7. join color “A” and work border.  I did reverse sc or crab stitch (my first time trying it.)  Sc/picots/shells/etc would also be nice.

Note: I love that the crab stitch makes the edge of the brim a little stiffer, almost like adding a wire!  I might need to make another hat for myself.

Here is a good video tutorial for crab stitch


“V” Stitch Striped Sun Hat

I wanted to modify the Striped Sun Hat.  The shell pattern is lovely, but the pattern leaves gaps.  Those holes are great ventilation for gardening or the beach, but in a chemo cap would probably lead to spots of sun burn.

IMG_8275 (2)

Work as in my Striped Sun Hat through round 5 and then

6. ch3, dc in the same st, (skip a st, 2dc) around, join with sl st (30 2dc pairs)

7. sl st to between the first 2 dc, ch3 and dc in the same sp.  Work 2dc between each pair of dc around, join with a sl st (30 dc pairs)

repeat step 7 four more times, and then work the rest of the hat as in the pattern.  I did all 4 stripe rounds (sc/hdc/hdc/sc) in white.  I also did a round of crab stitch around the brim at the end, in the same color as the brim.

This hat is unquestionably going to be a repeat project.  I have another one halfway done already.  I love the “V” stitch pattern for the top.



The flowers were done in Caron Simply Soft with a G (4.25 mm) hook.  They have brooch pins sewed to the back, so they can be switched around.

The navy and white flower is Flower #8 from The Quest for The Perfect Flower: Evolution of a Pattern.  Instead if the sc trim, I did the trim done in sl st through the FLO, and replaced the picots at the petal tips with a simple ch2.

The white flower at top is Flower #4 from the same post.

The Salmon-colored flower, on the blue hat, I made up a new pattern.

  1. in a magic circle, ch4, (sc, ch3) 7 times (8 ch3 loops, first set of petals done)
  2. working behind previous round, (sc between previous sc, ch4) 8 times, join with a sl st (8 ch4 loops)
  3. ch1 (sc, dc3, sc) in each ch4 loop, join with a sl st (2nd round of petals done)
  4. ch1, working behind all the previous petals, (sl st around scs from round 2, ch1) 8 times, join with a sl st (little 8-spoke “wheel” shape made behind flower)
  5. ch5, (dc in next ch1 space on “wheel”, ch2) 7 times, join with sl st to 3rd sh of starting ch (8 ch2 spaces made)
  6. ch1, in each ch2 space work (sc, 2dc, 2tc, 2dc, sc), end (3rd round of petals done)

You could keep going, making larger and larger petals, but the flower was the size I wanted it after 3 rounds.


6 thoughts on “K’s Chemo Sun Hat Pattern

  1. Have you found these to be lightweight enough for summer? Obviously the type of yarn would be a major factor, but I’m wondering if it could work for a DC summer. My sister starts chemo again next week, and I’ve been thinking about what could work for sun protection/feeling “normal” in the heat of summer. Her last chemo go-round was winter, so hats worked fine.


    1. The boys and I have been wearing, sprayed with bug spray, outside this spring and summer. I find they get a little warm when it gets very hot and humid, but I have a lot of hair as insulation, too. The cotton yarn is nice.


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